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Fall Foliage Pictures

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As summer ends and as the daylight hours grow shorter, the leaves on the trees start to lose their chlorophyll. Once this chemical is gone from the leaves, other pigments such as carotene and anthocyanin start to show their presence. These chemicals have been in the leaves since they started growing, but were masked by the green color of the chlorophyll. Without the chlorophyll, the reds, yellows and oranges give their annual show for the leaf peepers.

The fall foliage season in southern New England and southern New York starts towards the end of September and lasts through October and sometimes into early November. Pinpointing a date for peak foliage is a very imprecise science. The weather plays a major role in what can be seen during the fall foliage season. Heavy winds and rainfall can have a major effect on what will be seen, but also the soil conditions, tree health and insect activity all contribute to the foliage scenery conditions.

Update: 10/12/2006: For autumn of 2006 I may not be able to add more photos to the fall foliage collection due to family illness. I have added more pictures from my 2005 collection, and I will probably add more images as well. I will probably not be able to get any pictures this year, but if anyone would like to contribute photos, they would be appreciated. Please contact me here if you would like to contribute any fall foliage or fall theme pictures to this site. --Thanks!

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Foliage Pictures from 2005
Northern Kent fall foliage
as seen from a side road off US Route 7.There's a bit of deviation in this set of photos. A freight train is captured as it passes the scenery.
Foliage Pictures from 2004
The Housatonic River in Kent
With pictures from Bull's Bridge, The Schaghticoke Reservation and North Kent these are a few shots as the peak foliage season begins.
Foliage Pictures from 2003
Lake Lillinonah
Nestled between Bridgewater and Brookfield, Connecticut is this lake created in the 1950's.
Lake Candlewood / Dike Point
One of the few open recreation areas along Candlewood Lake is the Dike Point Recreation Area.
Foliage Pictures from 2002
New Milford, Connecticut
New Milford's town green is always a personal favorite place to take pictures
South Kent, Connecticut
Tucked away in the area between South Kent and New Milford's Merryall district are some great scenes.
Bridgewater, Connecticut
Once a part of New Milford, Bridgewater offers a quaint village setting.
Lake Waramaug
One of the quieter lakes in the area, Lake Waramaug offers great scenery in a relaxed setting from the state park.
Foliage Pictures from 2001
2001 is the first year I started taking fall foliage pictures with the intent of posting them online. The camera that was used was an earlier generation digital camera, so the pictures are limited in their resolution and quality.

New Milford Green

Lovers' Leap in New Milford

Housatonic River

Candlewood Lake

Bull's Bridge in Kent

Schaghticoke Reservation

The collection of fall foliage pictures shown on these pages were taken by me unless otherwise noted. Most shots were taken in Litchfield County, Connecticut which is located in Central and North Western Connecticut. During October, leafpeeping is my favorite hobby as the trees change from green to red and yellow.